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NAS Meridian Navy Base in Meridian, MS

Meridian, Mississippi Military Bases


Naval Air Station (NAS) Meridian is a military station operated by the United States Navy and located in Mississippi. The base is actually a military airport. It spreads over two different counties – Kemper and Lauderdale. It is...
Gulfport Battalion Center Navy Base in Gulfport, MS
Columbus AFB is a small air base located in Mississippi nine miles south of the city of Columbus, in the northeastern part of Mississippi. The base is surrounded by small towns with the nearest city with population over 50,000 bei...
Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, SD

Rapid City, South Dakota Military Bases


The U.S. state of South Dakota is home to Ellsworth Air Force Base – and the 28th Bomb Wing. The wing is part of 12th Air Force, and is overseen by Air Combat Command. The base came into being as Rapid City Army Air Base in ...


Military Veterans and Substance Abuse: Recognizing the Signs and Getting Help
Military personnel encounter a lot while on active duty. Much of what they experience can lead to high levels of stress, which can quickly result in psychological issues. The problem is that many do not seek the professional help they need, and instead begin to rely on substances like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to get through difficult times. If the misuse continues, it can quickly lead to a down...
Working as a Family Unit to Save on Energy Costs
When dealing with high energy costs finding ways to cut back and save is important. Working together with other members of your household to come up with a plan to conserve energy and save money at the same time is ultimately your best option. If everyone can pitch in and play their part, you will find that the costs of your energy bills will drop significantly. Below are a few ways you can get st...
6 Practical Ways Military Families Can Save Money
The one thing that civilians and military families have in common is a continual desire to save as much money as we can. For military families, finances can be up and down due to the moving, high cost of living, single income, and general living expenses. Therefore, saving money becomes imperative to maintain the current standards of living. One of the perks to being a part of the military fami...