Hawaii Military Bases

Air Force Bases

Bellows Air Force Station Base in Waimanalo, HI
Bellows Air Force Station is one of the oldest bases in the United States, established in 1917 and initially called Waimanalo. Although it has a rich past, its present days are not that glorious from a military point of view. Thes...
Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii Military Bases


The base is often called Hickam Air Force Base, however, an official name change was made in 2010. At that time, Naval Station Pearl Harbor joined with Hickam in accordance with the Base Realignment and Closure Law. The 2005 law r...


Fort Derussy Army Base in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii Military Bases


Fort DeRussy Waikiki is actually one of four DeRussy military installations in the United States. However, Fort DeRussy may be one of the most beautiful installations as its located in a natural paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. The i...
Fort Shafter Army Base in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, Hawaii Military Bases


Fort Shafter is a United States military base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Fort Shafter was established  by the Army on June 22, 1907. The base is listed as a National Historic Landmark, and is recognized by the National Register of Hist...
Pohakula Training Center Army North Central Hawaii, HI

North Central Hawai'i, Hawaii Military Bases


Base Contact Information Pohakuloa Training Center 808-449-7110 Admin Office 808-969-2401 Public Affairs 808-969-2411 Geography and Area Information The Pohakuloa Training Center is located on the island of Hawai’i at 19.756...
Schofield Barracks Army Base in Oahi, HI
Schofield Barracks is the largest Army post in Hawaii. It was named in honor of LTG John M. Schofield, who recognized the strategic importance of Oahu to the defense of the United States in 1872. Construction on the Barracks began...
Tripler Medical Center Army Base in Honolulu, HI
Tripler Medical Center is located in Hawaii and is the widest and most important hospital operated in the Pacific Rim. It can be seen from any place of Honolulu due to its impressive pink coral appearance. At the same time, it has...
Wheeler Army Airfield Army Basein Johnson, MO
Base Contact Information Wheeler Army Airfield Information: (808) 656-1665/1647, DSN (315) 456-1665/1647 Base Housing: 808-275-3810 (South), 808-275-3710 (North) Public Affairs: 808-656-3155/3160 Geography and Area Information Whe...


Station Maui Coast Guard Base in Wailuku, HI
Station Maui is among the important and most active military installations run and operated by the United States Coast Guard. That is because it hosts a few units of the 14-th District. The 14-th District is the largest division i...
Uscg ISC Honolulu Coast Guard Base in Honolulu, HI
USCG ISC Honolulu – Integrated Support Command – is one of the major military facilities operated by the United States Coast Guard in Honolulu, Hawaii. The unit has a major role on the island. Its headquarters is located in th...


MCB Hawaii Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, HI

Kaneohe, Hawaii Military Bases


MCB Hawaii is an American military base located in the Mokapu Peninsula of Honolulu. According to a census of 2000, there were a little under 12,000 inhabitants of the base. The base hosted sailors and Marines, not to mention abou...

Navy Bases

Barking Sands Missile Range Navy Base in Kekaha, HI
Barking Sands Missile Range is by far one of the most important military facilities controlled by the United States Navy. The facility includes an actual military base and an airfield. It is located in Hawaii, in Kaual County. Its...
Kunia Field Station Navy Base in Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii Military Bases


The Kunia Field Station is now known as KR-SOCK or Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center. Throughout World War II, Korean War, Cold War and Vietnam War, it served as an intelligence operation for the Navy and Army. Kunia was ori...
NCTAMS PAC Navy Base In in Wahiawa, HI

Wahiawa, Hawaii Military Bases


NCTAMS PAC is responsible for all the communicational services and systems in the Pacific. The installation is run by the United States Navy, under Captain John L. MacMichael, Jr., but it supports all the operations led by the Dep...
NS Pearl Harbor Navy Base in Oahu, HI

O’ahu, Hawaii Military Bases


NS Pearl Harbor – also referred to as Pu’uloa among the natives – is by far the most important base in the history of American wars. It is actually the reason for which the United States have decided to join World War II...


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