Kentucky Military Bases


Blue Grass Army Depot Base in Richmond, KY

Richmond, Kentucky Military Bases


The Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) operates as a US Army storage facility for chemical weapons and traditional ammunition. Located in Easy Central Kentucky, the area is situated among fields and woods. The military uses BGAD for rep...
Fort Campbell Army Base in Hokinsville, KY

Hopkinsville, Kentucky Military Bases


Home to the 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell’s 105,068 acre United States Army installation is positioned in two states. It sits in southwestern Kentucky and north central Tennessee and takes in four counties. The Chie...
Fort Knox Army Base in Hardin, KY

Hardin, Kentucky Military Bases


Covering over 156 square miles, Fort Knox is one of the largest military installations in the United States. Fort Knox is a United States Army facility located in northern Kentucky, covering three counties with a population of mor...


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