New Jersey Military Bases military bases

Army Bases

Fort Dix Army Base in Burlington, NJ

Burlington, New Jersey Military Bases


Fort Dix – also referred to as JB MDL Dix – is located 25 km south of Trenton. It is operated by the US Air Force, under the jurisdiction of USARC (Army Reserve Control). It is one of the few bases throughout the American terr...
Fort Monmouth Army Base in Monmouth, NJ

Monmouth County, New Jersey Military Bases


Fort Monmouth is no longer an active military base, but a closed one. The fort was located in the Monmouth County of New Jersey, hence its name. It was only 8 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. The fort didn’t really spread on...
Picatinny Arsenal Army Base in Morris County, NJ

Morris County, New Jersey Military Bases


Picatinny Arsenal covers more than 6400 acres and is located close to Lake Denmark, in New Jersey. It is popular for inventing the famous tactical rail, also referred to as the Picatinny rail. It is a specific bracket that can be ...

Coast Guard Bases

Loran Support Unit Coast Guard Base in Wildwood, NJ
Run and operated by the United States Coast Guard, Loran Support Unit is located in Wildwood, New Jersey and under Gary Thomas’s command. The unit is responsible for the LRNS – Long Range Navigation System. There are a few...
Training Center Cape May Coast Guard Cape May, NJ

Cape May, New Jersey Military Bases


Training Center Cape May is the most important training center for all the recruits and aspirants to the United States Coast Guard. The center is obviously operated by the US Coast Guard and commanded by Captain William G. Kelly. ...


Unprecedentedly Unpresidential Candidates and the Military Personnel Caught in the Middle
Just when you think the gallery of American politicians can’t get any zanier, the system decides to prove you wrong. Whoever the President Elect turns out to be in November, the men and women of the United States Armed Forces will have a sworn duty to respect and honor their command regardless of personal political opinions. However, in the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election, mu...
Military Veterans and Substance Abuse: Recognizing the Signs and Getting Help
Military personnel encounter a lot while on active duty. Much of what they experience can lead to high levels of stress, which can quickly result in psychological issues. The problem is that many do not seek the professional help they need, and instead begin to rely on substances like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to get through difficult times. If the misuse continues, it can quickly lead to a down...
Working as a Family Unit to Save on Energy Costs
When dealing with high energy costs finding ways to cut back and save is important. Working together with other members of your household to come up with a plan to conserve energy and save money at the same time is ultimately your best option. If everyone can pitch in and play their part, you will find that the costs of your energy bills will drop significantly. Below are a few ways you can get st...