Camp Victory Army Base in Baghdad, Iraq

Location: 33.284, 44.256
Phone: N/A

Camp Victory is the most important component of the Victory Complex in Iraq. The complex is a military base run by the United States forces after the invasion of Iraq. This area represented one of the essential spots on the Iraqi map. The complex consists of 10 different bases. They are placed around the international airport of Baghdad. The location and the objective they protect are the factors that make them so important. Although each of them is unique in its own way, has specific tasks and directions and is run independently, camp Victory hosts the most important headquarters and is an unofficial and indirect ruler. The other bases around the Baghdad airport are Cropper, Liberty, Slayer, Fuel Point, Dublin, Sather, Striker, Victory Fuel Point and Radwaniyah Pallace. Camp Victory is the first one established, hence its importance. It was set up in 2003 and represented one of the first major sites taken over during the invasion. It is commanded by General Raymond T. Odierno, helped by four other lieutenants.

Although all these bases are extremely important for the US Government, the locals just cannot care less for their names and objectives. What the Americans know as Camp Victory, the natives know as the Al Faw Palace, one of Saddam Hussein’s masterpieces. The place was taken over during the war with Iran. The camp is currently the home of the III Corps. It also hosted the I Corps and the XVIII Airbone Corps garrisons. The name was given after the Victory Corps, which are currently hosted at a different base from Germany – Heidelberg.


After being established in 2003, Camp Victory was nicely organized like an actual city. Although it does not have the size of a city organized on neighborhoods, it is administered in the same way, through multiple small communities. Red Leg or Freedom Village are just two of the small communities that can be seen as neighborhoods. Red Leg is popular inside the camp for Area 51, which is actually a building. Around the edges of the camp, there are two other smaller communities. They are inhabited by American and local contractors.

The inhabitants benefit from some of the most important restaurants in the United States of America, as well as a nicely built dining facility. There are also a few coffee shops, not to mention about the chain of shops located in the southern side. Finally, the sport lovers can always kill their time on the football and basketball fields.

Every year, the Camp Victory inhabitants are entertained by the famous WWE group, providing wrestling shows between both males and females.


Camp Victory, like all the other camps in this country, are considered to be insecure for the United States individuals. Therefore, all the troops deployed in this area are hosted on site. Since the war is not entirely over yet, the troops are supposed to come alone, without their families. Not even the superiors can bring in their loved ones.

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Camp Victory

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