Campbell Barracks Army Base in Heidelberg, Germany

Location: 49.412, 8.71
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The Campbell Barracks is named in the honor of Charles L. Campbell, killed during World War II and decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross for impressive acts of heroism. It is currently the most important US base in Europe, since it hosts the US Army headquarters on the old continent. The base is operated by the US army by the regulations and laws of Germany. It is one of the multitude of co-bases located in the southern part of the country. Along with other bases, this one is part of the tightest and most impressive connection and chain of US bases in this part of Europe.


The base was built by the Nazi forces and hosted the 110-th Infantry Regiment in 1936. Prior to being fully functional, the base consisted of more smaller camps. The barracks was among the most important ones in Heidelberg. However, as World War II was drawing to an end, the German resistance was quickly losing the fights throughout the territory. The Allied troops entered the city in March, 1945. The city was quickly taken over, as no fight took place. However, before leaving, the German troops blew away the bridges over the River Necktar. By May, the fort was in occupied by the Allied forces. Back then, the US Army headquarters in Europe was located in Stuttgart.

Over the history, Campbell Barracks didn’t really play any major role. Its position was strategic during the Cold War, as a potential “pit stop”. The ’80s and the ’90s came with a lot of changes too, not just for this base, but mostly for Europe. Europe saw a lot of updates. The Berlin Wall was the first one to fall, then the Soviet Union broke apart, as well as the communist bloc in the eastern part of Europe. The changes didn’t really benefit the good going of Europe, but seriously changed the NATO and USA objectives. They implied a lot of changes in the structure of Europe, which directly affected the purpose of the base.

The 9/11 attacks played a major role in the history of the USA, with almost no interest to Europe. Campbell Barracks represented a good strategic spot during the invasions in Afghanistan in Iraq. None of them actually managed to justify the so called War on Terrorism though.


The housing system at Campbell Barracks is defined by your objective in the area. Most troops are relocated here permanently, therefore they move in with their families. They are generally hosted on site, benefiting from multiple advantages. Just like in many other US bases from Germany, many services are free or for extremely low costs.

Those who choose the off site accommodation are happy to be part of normal nonmilitary communities, but they cannot benefit from the potential advantages given by the US Army. The prices are also higher, but the general facilities are normally better.

While hosted on site, you may rent or buy a home, depending on your budget and necessities.

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Campbell Barracks

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