August 17, 2014

Since becoming a military spouse, I have seen an overwhelming abundance of military discounts available to military service members and their families. From large organizations such as Oakley to smaller Ma and Pa shops in the area, it is amazing to see the generosity business owners offer to those who serve our country.
Dell has recently started a giveback program at a variety bases around the country. By visiting or locating your local Dell Military ambassador, you have the ability to save UP TO 45% off your purchase. Not only are you receiving an outstanding discount on your investment of a computer or tablet, but you’re getting exceptional customer service and care as well. Dell cares about your needs and is looking to provide you with the best possible technology experience they can.
Begin by heading to You will see an option for military members to save an additional 10% off the already low prices provided on this special site for service members. You will receive a discount code via email in which you will place in your cart at checkout.
Not only this, but by signing up for Dell Advantage, you will receive 5% back in rewards to use on, free 2nd business day shipping, as well as exclusive offers and discounts. You can sign up for this by visiting
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Not only does Dell care about helping you find the best computer or tablet for your needs, but they want to support the military community in anyway they can. Dell recently sponsored SPC Michael Melendez by sending him to the Can-Am Regional Rugby Tournament to live his dreams of playing in such a prestige event. Ambassadors have been present in the local community, both on and off military bases, and striving to support a community who does so much for this country.
Be sure to visit for more information or contact Samantha Curtis at for any questions regarding the Dell Military program or discounts and offers!
And be sure to follow Dell Military on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and promos!

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