Landstuhl Medical Center Army in Landstuhl, Germany

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The Landstuhl Medical Center is not just one of the multiple bases operated by the United States in Europe, but also the largest one located outside the country. Just like the name says, it is located close to Landstuhl in Germany. It usually deals with the troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other than that, the base is located on European territory, which means it is operated under the laws and regulations of the German government. In other words, it doesn’t just help the wounded soldiers returning from the Middle East, but also the military troops from Germany. One of its most important advantages is that it is the closest and most advanced hospital for these troops. There is no other such medical center closer to the Middle East.


The medical center was opened in 1953, on March, 9-th. At that time, it was known to be the second general hospital in the area. It was built right after World War II completely ended and the tensions disappeared. Its objectives and purposes haven’t changed too much in time. The only differences that occurred consist in the numerous upgrades and developments. These days, the hospital provides assistance to over 50,000 troops. It also helps over 250,000 individuals from the European Theater every year.

The operating staff has always managed to maintain the hospital status as military. Over 50% of the staff is registered in the Army, while 15% is part of the Air Force. The rest are civilian specialist doctors. Aside from the professional services, Landstuhl Medical Center is the only hospital in the area that can successfully deal with a mass evacuation, whether it is due to natural disasters or a potential war.


Although it is not quite a base, the medical center can be seen like one due to its impressive size and lifestyle around it. The camp doesn’t host the workers only, but also their families. It also includes churches for the faithful individuals, museums for the art lovers and for those who want to understand the history better, vineyards for the wine lovers, river valleys for those who like nature, a huge medieval square and the famous Nanstein Castle. Aside from the obviously expert health care system, the citizens can count on multiple offices to deal with their everyday problems.


Landstuhl Medical Center is aimed to be a professional health care center and not a base. With all these, the housing system is a must for something of such proportions. The workers have permanent homes, as well as any newcomers dispatched here for long periods of time. They have multiple options. They can choose to rent or buy a home, depending on their status. The temporarily dispatched soldiers are usually hosted in the hospital. There are also multiple areas to host them, if urgent situations show up.

However, a newcomer can also opt for a privatized system off site. Such a system can provide more possibilities and a more normal life in the area, but the costs and maintenance expenses are normally higher compared to the on site accommodation.

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Landstuhl Medical Center

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