May 18, 2017

Open to the public under certain conditions. See official page for all of the details.

US Military Drag Race

Welcoming all active on duty/ off duty members of the armed forces as well as veterans. For a special night, Sebring International Raceway’s strip will be used to host a night of all drag racing nights.

After experiences great success in the test trial held in February, the International Raceway has decided to host a series of events on the track’s straightaway, which started this past March 30th.

For a limited time, Sebring International Raceway has opened the track up to street legal drags. A reasonable $20 entry for participants will get drivers started; while a mere, $5 will allow spectating.

While there are rules to follow, the most important rule is to have fun. Drivers need to be of legal age with a non-expired license. Vehicles have to be street legal and have proper tires installed that abide by the rules of the road. Cars must also be leak-free, clean of interior debris, and furnished with correct safety belts.

Whether you are a beginner or novice, take a shot on this perfectly straight drag strip. Sebring is hosting and Members of the military both past and present can participate free of charge. Peel off your car covers and rev those engines for a night of high-octane fun!

Mark your calendars for May 25,’s Sebring Need for Local Speed Drag Race. According to the Sebring Raceway President & General Manager, Wayne Estes, “ Sebring’s front straight is an ideal venue for drag racing,” and goes on to announce, “Our Thursday drag racing programs will offer enthusiasts an opportunity to compete in a controlled environment with maximum track time.”

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