July 7, 2017

If the thought of joining the US Army crossed your mind and images of yourself retiring after 20 years of service as opposed to after a single contract flow into mind, then it is essential that you select the right career for you when considering the US Army. There are various attractive benefits that come along with long-term services. These include but are not limited to such benefits as retirement benefits, up to $40,000 enlistment bonus, and many other great benefits that come with serving and protecting this Great Nation.

Twenty years of service in the military activates your eligibility for receiving a large pension, especially if you make the ranking of an officer. Very likely, you will also have the capability of being employed as a civilian since you will still be young when you retire. Additionally, there is a wider range of health care benefits, along with other aids that you will gain access to as a military employee.

Choosing the right career will be the key to receiving a promotion and accumulating solid career opportunities upon your retirement. A majority of the highest paying jobs in the US Army will require you to obtain secret or top-secret clearance, as well as score above average on vocational aptitude tests.

Entering the US Army with the long-term plan in mind of service retirement is what will get you access to these competitive benefits. However, you can receive even better benefits when you take the time to select the career that is right for you. There are many rewarding US Army positions for those individuals joining who are in search for a long-term career in the U.S. Armed Forces. Among the top choices of jobs available in the military are the following:

Broadcast Specialist 46R

Civil Affairs 38B

Counterintelligence Agent 35L


Cyber Network Defender 25D

Recruiter 79R

Prime Power Production Specialist 12P

Cyber Operations Specialist 17C

Special Force CMF 18

Explosive Ordnance Disposal 89D

CID Special Agent 31D

Public Affairs Specialist 46Q

Psychological Operations 37F

Contracting NCO 51C

Diver 12D

In order to qualify for most of these job positions, you will be required to obtain specialized training that means it will be difficult for you to transition right into the career immediately. However, if now is the time when you are beginning the enlistment process, it is possible for you to get on the right track towards your career and work towards these positions a long-term basis by consulting with a local Army recruiter. They will work diligently to ensure that you comprehend exactly what it will take from you to move forward towards the career you have chosen.

If you are currently enlisted in the US Army, you may have the possibility of transferring into one of many specialties, since many of these jobs are in very high demand. In that case, it is very important that you talk to a career counselor in your local area, and ensure that you fully comprehend what will take place because of you deciding to switch from one career in the Army to another.

The Special MOS Alignment Promotion Program

Widely known and referred to as the SMAPP program, the US Army has a special program that was created in order to assist soldiers, who are in a crowded MOS, relocate into a new career choice and acquire an improved specialty. Acquiring the right training and reenlisting into the Army may be a necessary requirement for you to make this move, but as a result, you will receive a promotion to the ranking of Staff Sgt. or Sgt., while holding the following specialties:

Contracting NCO 51C

Prime Power Specialist 12P

Counterintelligence Agent 35L

Cyber Network Defender 25D

CID Special Agent 31D

Electronic Warfare Specialist 29E

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager 25E

Before you are permitted to utilize this program and transition into one of these positions, you will be required to meet the time-in-grade and time-in-service requirements, and there is the possibility that depending on your career choice, there may be additional requirements. That is why it is important for you to get in contact with a local career counselor and fully discuss your planned transition in specific details.

Career Success in the Military

If it is your plan to stay in the military for the required time that enables you to retire, then you need a full understanding of how you can make a success out of your Army career. Regardless of whether you are currently serving as a soldier, or you have not even begun the process of consulting with a local recruiter as of yet, it is essential that you are aware of what you should expect.

If your goal is to be successful enough in the Army that you are able to retire after 20 years of military service, there are a few tests that you need to ensure that you complete.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Those Around You

Most importantly, you must pay attention. There is a lot that you can learn from others who are serving in the military with more experience, and being observant of them will give you a visible example of the possibilities available to you. Basic training is a very small portion of the entire process, and it would behoove you to pay close attention, on a daily basis, to those who are around you on the job.

Nothing Can Stop You Now! It’s Time To Get Your Education

You will not receive a promotion pass the E4 ranking without acquiring specialized education and training. It is in your best interest to take college courses whenever the opportunity presents itself, by employing a military correspondence course and began working towards the qualification exam that will award you your promotion that is next to mine. Keep in mind, those who reach the status of an officer will retire with a larger pension and improved benefits. Working towards and receiving promotions is the key to maximizing your Army retirement benefits.

Your Personal Life Matters Too

The highest-ranking Army positions will surely require that you have maintained a good driving record as well as a good credit rating. That means you must make sure to pay all of your bills on time and be obedient to the laws of the land. It will also be your responsibility to avoid acquiring any felonies or having any encounters with the law, as they will be barriers that prevent you from being promoted.

Keep Up Your Mental and Physical Motivation

The best jobs in the Army will not accept you as a candidate if you are not able to regularly pass your physical fitness tests. That means it is important for you to maintain your motivation after basic training has completed in order for you to stay in great shape. Feed your body healthy foods, while feeding your mind with advanced knowledge whenever the opportunity presents itself to you. If your goal is to advance and reach retirements with the maximum benefits possible, both your mental and physical status must be up to par.

When you enlist into the US Army with the plan of making it a long-term career, it is important that you take the steps to set yourself up for success, not failure. Select a career that is in high demand, acquire all the training that you can possibly handle and achieve as many advances as possible. Those who retire as officers receive the biggest benefits and a higher of a rank you achieved, the larger of a pension you will receive.


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