USAG Ansbach Army Base in Ansbach, Germany

Location: 49.301, 10.573
Phone: 011-49-711-680-113
DSN: 314-468-1500

USAG Ansbach is a German co-base run by the United States of America in the northern part of Bavaria. It is located in a relatively unusual site. Although the base is only a couple of hours away from the Alps, it is on a plain field. It is only 40 km away from Nuernberg. The general motto of this base is to be part of the fight. However, it is not involved in any active conflicts, but it is always ready to step in during persisting fights of major importance. While in a standby position, the primary mission is to support the good life on site and ensure the troops hosted have all their necessities fulfilled. The objectives are similar for most military bases established in this part of Europe, especially in the southern part of Germany, which faces a huge spider web consisting of such bases built one next to another.


The American history of the facility is very short. It was most commonly used during World War II by the German forces. It was built prior to the war, as the German were looking forward to strengthen their military force in an attempt to take over Europe. Hitler’s plan was extremely successful to a particular point, when a few bad decisions caused the fall of the German forces. After World War II, the place was turned into the governmental main city and capital of Franconia, the middle part. Prior to this event, the base exclusively activated as a garrison city.

The real American history starts around 1991, while the first American unit deployed there was the 87-th Support Battalion. In 1993, the base was expanded and the units on site tripled, after some smaller bases around were scheduled for closure and abandoned. These days, USAG Ansbach hosts more than 10000 individuals, whether you count the military troops, the family members or the civilian workers and contractors. It has never been involved in any conflicts led by the United States of America, mostly because none of them was long lasting.


The housing system at USAG Ansbach is operated by the Ansbach and Illesheim military communities. The system is operated according to the US regulations. The housing opportunities range between 2 and 4 bedrooms and include medium lifestyle facilities. In other words, they can satisfy pretty much everyone’s necessities. The local housing office works through applications, so you must contact it early, as such applications take weeks to be processed.

The off site system is privatized. The costs are relatively similar, while the facilities may cost more. At the same time, you have way more options, not to mention about your possibility to truly taste the European lifestyle.

While looking for temporary lodging, the local Franconian Inn is the most appropriate option for the newcomers.


Some of the most important and longest lasting units hosted here include the 412-th ASB, the V Corps 12-th Aviation Combat Brigade and the 12-th AVN. There aren’t too many associate tenant units.

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USAG Ansbach

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