USAG Heidelberg Army Base in Heidelberg, Germany

Location: 49.402, 8.675
Phone: 011-49-711-680-113
DSN: 314-430-1110

USAG Heidelberg is one of the few, yet largest American bases located in Germany. It is actually a co-base, which means it is run by both American and German authorities. The base is located in the south western part of Germany, close to the Necktar river.


This American base has a long history. The Americans first got there in 1945, around the end of World War II. By the time the Germans were falling, the city became the host of multiple regiments in the area. The zone remained under American occupation for a few years after World War II ended as well. With all these, many of the historical and cultural buildings remained intact and can be seen and appreciated these days too.

The objectives and roles of this base didn’t change too much in time, except for the technologies and techniques used. The same goes for the total number of units. There are currently a little over 16,000 individuals living and working at Heidelberg, including the soldiers’ families.


The USAG Heidelberg initial objectives were to secure the area, as the Germans were falling down by the end of World War II. Today, the base is an important European base for the Americans. Its main role is to recruit and train individuals for the potential upcoming operations. The new recruits are trained and prepared by both German and American superiors.


The local facilities are more than complete for every new inhabitant. The most important programs imply protection driven and customizable army based tests and preparations through the ACS (Army Community Service). It tests the units’ readiness, as well as their stability and resilience.

Other than that, the residents also have access to artistic and cultural activities, especially through the Roadside Theater. Every citizen is encouraged to participate to auditions and acts. It is usually a volunteering opportunity for those who look forward to discover their artistic side. But this is not all. Games and bowling fans have their entertainment places too, as well as the golf players. The same goes for those who like to hang out in bars or clubs.

When it comes to kids, USAG Heidelberg is able to provide a complete educational program in schools and high-schools, not to mention about the libraries.

The more encouraging part about living in the camp is the tax reduction. The PHV office deals with tax relief operations. In other words, the camp is more like a little community with everything a real city would require to prosper.


The housing system at USAG Heidelberg is limited and restricted to the workers and their families only. Just like most bases established on foreign territories, this one has a limit for the total number of inhabitants. Therefore, it is less likely for a worker’s family to live at a hotel. If new soldiers arrive, others will leave. However, the first few days are usually spent at a hotel, until all the paperwork is done. The system is efficient and makes everyone happy.

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USAG Heidelberg

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