USAG Kaiserslautern Army Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany

Location: 49.424, 7.738
Phone: 011-49-711-680-113
DSN: 314-430-1110

USAG Kaiserslautern is located in the Rhineland-Palatinado region, in the southwestern part of Germany. The military base is, therefore, relatively close to the borders with Luxembourg, Belgium and France. This place is one of the largest American communities in the world. Believe it or not, it is the largest base in the area, with over 50000 inhabitants. It is almost the size of a medium European city. It is also way larger than hundreds of towns. With all these, this huge community is actually a co-base, one of the dozens of similar bases you can find in the southern Germany. Although it is run by the US government, it is under the regulation of the German authorities. The base is responsible for an increase in the lifestyle of the natives, as well as a huge economical growth since it was built here. The place was silent, calm and in a stand-by position. There were no major upcoming projects or anything alike. When the Americans were allowed to take over the place, they basically invigorated the area.

The base is in a stand-by military position too. At the same time, its primary objective is to maintain and provide a proper lifestyle for the inhabitants, not to mention about supporting a constantly improving and growing community. Although it is a military base, the entire population is composed of both troops and civilians. As a matter of fact, there are more civilians and family members than actual military forces.


The USAG Kaiserslautern dates back in the times before World War II. The base was among the most intensive ones in Germany. The government built dozens of similar bases in order to raise an almost invincible army. For many years, it seems the plan was quite successful. After World War II ended, the base was taken over by the coalition forces. Although there are no other connections with World War II these days, the troops have forgotten to leave the area. These days, the base is used in the American invasions in other parts of the world. Since it is located in the middle of Europe, it is way closer to the Middle East territories. At the same time, it also represents a good and strategic point in any potential conflicts with the lifetime enemy of the USA – Russia.


Some of the most important units hosted at USAG Kaiserslautern include the Defense Commissary Agency headquarters for Europe, the ordnance barracks and a Landstuhl medical center. Since the base is in a stand-by mode, there aren’t any clear connections with the military forces. The place grows and aims to be a regular human community within the upcoming decades.


The housing system in USAG Kaiserslautern is dealt with by the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN). It is entirely created to help the newcomers and their families accommodate in a completely new environment and a different culture. There are currently plenty of homes for the newcomers, but you still have to set up things before your arrival.

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USAG Kaiserslautern

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