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Positioned in the Helmand River Valley of the Garmsir district of Afghanistan, Camp Dwyer was erected by the United States as an outcome of the established relationship between these two countries. It is a military base with a United States Marine Corps airfield that was initially opened as a forward operating post. In spite of this, Camp Dwyer quickly proved to be so beneficial to military operations in the county that it was soon designated a permanent installation.

The U.S. uses the camp to aid Afghanistan in warfare and it is completely equipped to serve as an adequately functioning post for the marines. Its location of Helmand River Valley is often referred to as “Hell man” by the American troops because of its unforgiving weather conditions with temperatures frequently reaching 120 degrees and above. During certain times of the year there are continuous unrelenting sand storms. Camp Dwyer is in a desolate region without any inhabitants nearby, most likely because of these cruel weather conditions.

The Purpose of Camp Dwyer

The base is used to secure the rivers and seas by preventing any war threats coming by way of the waters. It provides air, ground, logistical and contact provisions to other U.S. Military Divisions, along with aiding the Afghanistan Border Police. Camp Dwyer also serves to help stop child trafficking and illegal drug transports in Afghanistan. Troops are often sent to the battle fields to fight, and they bring back the bodies of their deceased soldiers and bury them near the base. Many American soldiers have lost their lives in in this area and are memorialized with their names etched on metal nametags hung on a tree by the entrance to the base. There have been more than 400 casualties at Camp Dwyer.

Camp Dwyer Has Been a Home to Many Soldiers

While there are no permanent structures and everything at the camp is housed in a tent, including the hospitals and showers, it has been a home to many U.S. Marine Troops that have served in the Afghanistan wars. Air-conditioning units have been installed in many of the tents and troops carry extra water when hiking to the field to prevent dehydration. Camp Dwyer does not receive mobile phone service; on the other hand, the post does have internet connection service and communal laundry, gym and shower Accommodations.

The camp has grown larger each year from the time of its establishment, but there have not been any upgrading comforting amenities of any kind added. The post does have a small under-stocked PX, plus a chapel and library. Perhaps one the best amenity of all would be the post office that allows the troops to receive packages and letters from family and friends back in the United States.

Camp Dwyer 31st Combat Support Hospital

While the base has very few amenities, it does offer a very unusual and exceptional utility for injured Marines and Afghans in the vicinity. The 31st Combat Support Hospital is three levels and located on the Camp Dwyer base. It allows for the medical staff to treat, stabilize and operate on injured troops before they are transported. With the use of medevac and the onsite hospital, injured Marines are able to receive emergency treatment that would otherwise not be possible.

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Camp Dwyer


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