Florida Military Bases

Air Force Bases

Eglin Air Force Base in Valparaiso, FL

Valparaiso, Florida Military Bases


Elgin Air Force Base is a Untied States Air Force installation located in Okaloosa County, Florida. The 463, 128 acre base sits three miles from Valparaiso and Niceville. A short distance to the west lies the city of Fort Walton B...
Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in Mary Esther, FL

Mary Esther, Florida Military Bases


Hurlbert Field Air Force Base is actually part of Eglin AFB in Florida. It is an unusual arrangement whereby each base has housing, but military members from Eglin can receive housing at Hurlbert, and vice versa. They also co-shar...
Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida Military Bases


MacDill Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation located in western Florida, approximately 7 miles south of Tampa. MacDill AFB is home to over 3000 US Airmen in addition to over 12,000 service members and staff fro...
Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard, FL

Brevard, Florida Military Bases


Located between Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach in Florida, Patrick Air Force Base is home of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Eastern Range. History of the Base Originally operating as Naval Air Station Banana River w...
Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, FL

Panama City, Florida Military Bases


Tyndall Air Force Base is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which is also known as the Emerald Coast. Situated 12 miles east of Panama City in Bay County, Tyndall Air Force Base is home to the 325th Fighter Wing. The Wing prov...


Camp Blanding Army Base in Starke, FL

Starke, Florida Military Bases


Camp Blanding is located in Clay County which is in the north central part of Florida. The nearest city, Starke, is eight miles away. Thirty six miles to the southeast is the urban area of Jacksonville, Florida. The camp is combin...


Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base in Clearwater, FL
United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater is one of the largest and most vital air stations in the Coast Guard network of bases and operates out of the Clearwater International Airport. The base is responsible not only for ...
District 7 Coast Guard Base in Miami, FL

Miami, Florida Military Bases


District 7 is responsible for the good going and defensive operations in Florida. It is headquartered in Miami and deals with the operations in South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. It is, therefore, a small military unit overseein...
ISC Miami Coast Guard Base in Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, Florida Military Bases


Integrated Support Command Miami is one of the few similar commands run by the United States Coast Guard throughout the country. Just like the other centers, this one is responsible for the military troops – both active and reti...


Blount Island Command Marine Corps in Jacksonville, FL
Blount Island Command is among the latest US bases built. As a matter of fact, its purpose is not particularly to act like a base. Instead, this place was built for maintenance operations to the maritime ships. It is, therefore, a...

Navy Bases

Autec Complex Navy Base in West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, Florida Military Bases


The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center Complex is located relatively close to West Palm Beach in Florida and the Bahamas and operated by the US Navy. It performs some of the most advanced tests and training sessions for ...
NAS Jacksonville Navy Base in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida Military Bases


NAS Jacksonville is one of the two advanced naval bases placed in Duval County. Although it is seen like a military base, it is actually a military airport. It is only 6 km away from the Jacksonville business district. This is the...
NAS Key West Navy Base in Key West, FL

Key West, Florida Military Bases


Naval Air Station Key West (NAS Key West) is one of many Naval Air Stations located throughout the United States. NAS Key West is notable for its rich history, supreme flying weather, and excellent location for marine pursuits. Hi...
NAS Panama City Navy Base in Panama City, FL

Panama City, Florida Military Bases


Located in the immediate proximity of Bay County, Naval Support Activity Panama City was established close to Panama City, in the northwestern part of Florida. The facility is operated by the United States Navy, under the command ...
NAS Pensacola Navy Base in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, Florida Military Bases


The Naval Air Station Pensacola is said to be the naval aviation cradle. The base is located within the city limits of Pensacola. It is well known for the advanced training fields and programs for the Marine and Navy, as well as c...
NAS Whiting Field Navy Base in Milton, FL

Milton, Florida Military Bases


Although it is run by the United States Navy, Naval Air Station Whiting Field is known among multiple armed forces of the United States of America for providing training sessions. The Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard also b...
Naval Air Warfare Center Navy Base in Orlando, FL
The Naval Air Warfare Center Training System Division, Florida (NAWCTSD) is located in Orlando. The Division got started in 1941 when Commander Luis De Florez was named head of the new Special Devices Desk in the Engineering Divis...
Naval Hospital Jacksonville Navy Base in Jacksonville, FL
Naval Hospital Jacksonville is located within the boundaries of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Duval County, Jacksonville. The medical facility sits directly on the banks of the St. Johns River in the northeastern corner of...
Naval Hospital Pensacola Navy Base in Pensacola, FL
Naval Hospital Pensacola is one of the oldest medical facilities in the United States of America, with over 175 years of continuous history. The hospital is almost as old as the state it is located in – Florida. These days, the ...
NS Mayport Navy Base in Duval, FL

Duval, Florida Military Bases


Naval Station Mayport is not just one of the most advanced military bases in the United States Navy, but also one of the most prolific facilities in the entire country. The station is operated by the US Navy and commanded by Capta...
Training Center Corry Navy Base in PensAcola, FL
With its roots dating back to 1923, Training Center Cory is among the important military facilities due to hosting the CID (Center for Information Dominance) of the United States Navy. The facility is located in Myrtle Grove, one ...


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