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Anniston Army Depot Base in Bynum, AL
Located in Bynum, Alabama, Anniston Army Depot is one of the major facilities run and operated by the US Army, It is responsible for multiple depot operations, such as repairing various vehicles or storing chemical weapons. The de...
Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base in Monterey, CA

Monterey, California Military Bases


There are hundreds of military bases scattered all throughout the United States as well as many other countries. They are owned and operated by each of the five branches of the military. Among these bases is Fort Hunter Liggett, o...
Fort Eustis Army Base in Newport News, VA

Newport News, Virginia Military Bases


Fort Eustis, Virginia, located in the city of Newport News, is now known as Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE). JBLE Eustis came to be established in compliance with congressional laws enacting the guidelines associated with the 200...


White House Says Report Claiming Trump Handed Merkel A Bill For NATO Services Is False
The U.K -based publication, The Times, reported that Trump handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill in the amount of $300 million (277.6 million euros), for Berlin’s failure to adhere to the 2 percent of GDP NATO defense spending target contribution. The Times, citing an unnamed source, claims Trump chided Germany, among other allies, for failing to spend enough money on the defense whi...
Why it is Important for Military Personnel and Civilians to Keep Their Personal Information Protected
Stolen information is a growing problem for a lot of Americans today, and due to the rise of technology and the internet, it Is only getting easier for a talented hacker or someone with malice in mind to steal your personal information. Think about your own personal information, and how many places on the World Wide Web your information is sitting. It’s frightening to think it could be taken fro...
What 20 Years of Changes to Benefits Mean To Veterans of the US Military Service
Over the years, there have been many changes to the policies in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Through votes made by Congress, many acts have been put into place to help further aid veterans. In this article, I will be discussing the changes made to the Department of Veterans Affairs throughout history and how the Department of Veterans Affairs grew to be. Important Acts Created in the Past 2...
Former National Security Adviser is Seeking Immunity in Exchange for Information About Russia’s Involvement in the Election.
The lawyer of Ex-national security advisor under President Trump, Michael T Flynn, claims Flynn “has a story to tell” about the allegations concerning Russia’s involvement in the U.S. presidential election held in November 2016. Is the story worth immunity? In exchange for immunity from prosecution, Michael Flynn is willing to give his testimony for the examination of the possible Russian ti...
‘Something Should Happen,’ Make No Mistake: Trump’s Response to Syria’s Assad
After a recent chemical attack in Syria by the Assad Regime, President Donald Trump is taking a stand to speak out on these malicious acts of civil tyranny. After referring to “inheriting a mess,” Trump seizes the moment to courageously tower in the face of international crisis. While aboard Air Force One, the Commander-and-Chief of the United States of America, expressed his insight on this p...
Treatments for Vets with PTSD

April 4, 2017

Katherine Smith


The number of veterans diagnosed with PTSD has skyrocketed over the years. Given the nature of their work, it’s no wonder that the number is not higher. Whether you are a veteran looking for help, or a loved one is a veteran in need of assistance, we are going to provide some ideas on different therapies to help you get the relief you need. Inquire on Benefits Available It’s important to know ...
Trump Blames Conservatives For Health Care Bill Failure Then Signals To Democrats A New Openness
On Sunday, President Trump launched attacks on conservatives, blaming them for the failure of the proposed Health Care Bill, then signals an increased willingness to collaborate with moderate Democrats on the upcoming budget and tax legislation. On twitter, Trump stated that “Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned ...