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Soldier Systems Center Army Base in Natick, MA

Natick, Massachusetts Military Bases


The Soldier Systems Center is operated by the Department of Defense and is responsible for the general living condition the US troops have to face while hosted in various bases or in their missions. The facility is located in Nati...
Fort Bragg Army Base in Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville, North Carolina Military Bases


Fort Bragg is a large Army base located in the North Caroline counties of Hoke and Cumberland, just west of Fayetteville. As a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) Fort Bragg was slated to absorb Army ...
Picatinny Arsenal Army Base in Morris County, NJ

Morris County, New Jersey Military Bases


Picatinny Arsenal covers more than 6400 acres and is located close to Lake Denmark, in New Jersey. It is popular for inventing the famous tactical rail, also referred to as the Picatinny rail. It is a specific bracket that can be ...


Goldfein and McCain Push F-35 to Improve Air Force Fleet
The latest news from a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, United States Air Force General and Chief of Staff D.L. Goldfein dropped word of potential scenarios using a new “light attack” plane (F-35) and superiorly compared the F-35 to the Chinese equivalent the J-31 and J-20. This recent development comes at a critical time as International debates versus the U.S...
Army Improves Chinook to Make it to 100 Years of Service
The Army has made plans to continue to use the cargo helicopter CH-47 Chinook, the Vietnam-era War pillar that is still in service to this very day. Army officials state the Chinook is upgrading by unceasingly progressing in advancements to the platform by technological adjustments, improving avionics, cargo handling, lift, and weight, just to name a few areas. Originally manufactured in the early...
New Budget Leaves the Marine Corps Expansion Running Thin
Marines were given the go head to increase their unit size back in November 2016, but the question is, “What plans do the Marines have for growth?” With a green light for expansion, now the only thing left is determining the best way to strengthen the branch while naturally growing its numbers. The expansion approval, allows the Marine Corps to increase by approximately 185,000 members. A rece...
Coast Guard Makes One of the Largest Drug Busts in History
The Navy is considered the protectors of the seas, but recently the Coast Guard made headlines with a large-scale drug bust. The news in San Juan, Puerto Rico, elaborated on multiple international drug agencies and Coastguard units, all working together during the whole process from investigation to bust. The fishing boat, The Lady Michelle, was carrying a cargo of 4.2 tons of pure cocaine. The pr...
USS Ford Officially Set to Take to the Waters
We are just over a month away from the commissioning of the newest addition to the Naval Aircraft Carrier fleet. Making it, the twelfth mobile carrier. This new supercarrier is the leading face of what will become the US Carrier fleet. The USS Gerald Rudolph Ford will be taking the place of the decommissioned USS Enterprise model 65 of the CVN fleet, which left service in 2012. The new aircraft ca...
Does the Military Need to Recover After Eight Years of Constant Decrease?
The expansion proposals are in, just a couple weeks after Trump’s statements regarding military growth. In mid-February, Trump told reporters, “Our country will never have had a military like the military we’re about to build and rebuild. It won’t be depleted for long.” This has brought a rising amount of focus from the armed forces as many immediately began drafting expansion plans for ...
Transitioning to Civilian Life

February 22, 2017

Katherine Smith


Transitioning from a career in the military to one in the civilian world can be challenging for many veterans. In many ways, the lack of structure, routine, autonomy, and purpose can be very disorienting for those who have spent a tour or lifetime with ample supplies of each. The first challenge for many veterans is simply in finding decent employment once their service ends. Today we will talk ab...