MCAS Cherry Point Marine Corps Base in Havelock, NC

Location: 34.903, -76.888
Phone: (252) 466-2811
DSN: 582-1110

The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is one of the most important airfields operated by the United States government. It is located in the eastern side of the state, relatively far from the most important human communities.


The base was first authorized and accepted around the World War II, in 1941. The construction took place on an empty spot of swamps with a relatively huge investment for those times. Coincidence or not, the base construction actually began 17 days before the attacks on Pearl Harbor, in December. In 1942, the base name was changed in the memory of the first aviator of the United States – Cunningham Field.

The history has a strong connection with the current name. Before raising this base, the one and only post in the area belonged to a group of lumbers working on cherry trees, hence the name. The post was closed 6 years before the construction started, in 1935.


The role and purpose of the MCAS Cherry Point changed from one time to another. For instance, its first major role was in the World War II. The base used to train and prepare the soldiers for the Pacific actions. At the same time, the base benefited from advanced technology to detect and fight any incoming submarine dangers. As a matter of fact, the post is responsible for the deadly attack over a German boat.

The post had a similar objective during the Korean war, with highly trained individuals for the air fight. Aside from this aspect, the Vietnam war brought in some new technologies, with the deployment of three squadrons. By the Desert Storm operations, the post improved a little and managed to deploy a few dozen squadrons, representing a major role in the fight.

These days, MCAS Cherry Point is just as important, with significant operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.


The units hosted at the base include the Aircraft Group 14, the Air Control Group 28 and the Wing Support Group 27. At the same time, the headquarters and Combat Logistics Company 21 play a very important role in the post. A few other units and groups are deployed in various parts of the state, such as Bogue or Atlantic.

Finally, the Fleet Readiness Center is one of the most important centers in the eastern part of the United States.


The housing system is similar to all the other bases throughout the United States. Basically, you work on an application and hope to get accepted as soon as possible. If accepted, you are the lucky inhabitant of the camp, otherwise you will be hosted at a hotel, along with your family. The applications are processed between 1 and 12 months, depending on the upcoming projects and other soldiers.

As for accommodation and rules, MCAS Cherry Point has a very strict and efficient internal system, with various services to help the citizens and their families – such as suicide or sexual assault prevention, multiple publications or media newspapers and magazines.

Photos of MCAS Cherry Point Marine Corps Base in Havelock, NC

MCAS Cherry Point MCAS Cherry Point

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