Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA

Location: 38.259, -121.946
Phone: (707) 424-2798
DSN: 837-1110

All of the air force military bases located all over the United States and even the whole world have long and treasured histories that not only contribute to the continued success of each military installations but also adds to the reputation of these military bases. One Air Force Base in particular has one such history, but it is special in this case because it deals with humanitarian airlift efforts in the country and around the world. Travis AFB California is not only known for the number of jobs and employment it provides to the city of California, but it is also known to have an airport that is the busiest passenger and cargo terminal airport out of all the other military air terminals in the United States of America.

Currently under the direct supervision of the Air Mobility Command or AMC, Travis air force is not only known under the moniker “Gateway to the Pacific”, it is also known as the largest employer not only in Solano County, but even in the city of California as well having an estimated annual revenue of over $1 Billion United States Dollars. Travis Air Force Base has a current workforce and population density of over 3,770 civilians with an estimated household income of USD $36,000 approx.

Tourists visiting the area will not only be amazed in how integrated the Air Force Base is with the community but will also be delighted to know that the military base location is also home to two of the most complete and largest collection of military Air Craft collections – the Museum of Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space and the Museum of Military and Aviation History – showcasing significant periods through America’s rich military history from aircrafts, bombers, tanks and other military tools and vehicles.

The Air Force Base in California is also the home of more than 7,200 active United States Air Force military personnel as well as Air Force reservists that number easily around the 4,000. Medical service of active and retired personnel is also easily accommodated thanks to the presence of the David Grant United States Air Force Medical Center that not only has a 256-person bed capacity but also serves as a Teaching hospital for the Air Force personnel as well.


The year 1942 saw the initial building phase of the Travis air force, which was then originally named Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base and was once the practice runway for aircraft takeoffs and landings. During the same year, the base initially saw its most productive use as a major support and transport port to the Pacific War Zone, that is why the Air Transport Command or the ATC saw entirely fit to be assigned the Air Force Base. The following year, the base saw its first permanent residents in the form of 914th Quartermaster Division enlisted men and officers, following the successful activation of the base as primary ferrying and transporting point of supplies to the Pacific Theater. A sting of other successful operations later and the base was then to become the largest aerial port in the West Coast which then prompted the Military Air Transport Service to take control of the AFB. Later during the year 1949, the 9th Bomb Group used the base as a major bomb reconnaissance site with the assistance of the Strategic Air Command (SAC).

The year 1951 was the year when the base was officially named after Brigadier General Robert F. Travis. The Travis Air Force Base was named in honor of the general who was unfortunately killed during a military plane crash along with 10 other crew members.

Throughout the years, the military Air Force Base saw a number of military commands that took over its facilities as a means to conduct several military operations such as the abovementioned Air Force Command (AFC) during 1942; the Military Transport Service (MTS) during 1948; the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in 1949; the Air Defense Command (ADC) from 1953 up to 1966; this saw the return of the Military Air Transport Service in the year 1958 and finally; the Air Mobility Command (AMC) from 1992 up until the present day.

Travis Air Force Base Active Units

Since the Air Mobility Command (AMC) took over the major military command of Travis AFB, it has then been home to the 60th Air Mobility Wing, which is the largest Air Mobility wing of the Air Mobility Command. The various major components of the 60 AMW (60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 60th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, 60th Component Maintenance Squadron, 60th Maintenance Squadron, 60th Maintenance Operations Squadron and the 860th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron) provide various functions to the Travis AFB such as: combat-ready personnel; aircraft services; aerial refueling; strategic airlifts; maintenance of aircrafts; munitions management; inspection of various aircraft components and of course global support for the AMC’s worldwide mission.

Housing and Lodging

The state of the military base lodging at Travis AFB is limited at best. Although that may be the case, Family Dwellings, or Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) are available for military personnel and their families for as long as prior reservations have been arranged. Pets can also live comfortably in these temporary lodging conditions as they are not only allowed but encouraged. The Westwood Inn Lodging Office will be more than willing to accommodate personnel with their families, but those travelling alone should not despair because the base also has Visiting Quarters (VQ) that will be more than enough for a single serviceman. It is important to remember that priority will always be given to those with official government orders and personnel on active duty.

As with the lodging, Travis air force base housing is also being prioritized to those on active duties and with official orders. The Travis AFB currently has 1,800 family units available complete with three to four bedroom units, a functioning kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator as well. The waiting list for those who wish to be accommodated varies from rank and certain requirements, such as number of family members, pets, or different needs. As with any other military AFB’s, it is recommended that the personnel immediately submit a request as soon as he receives an official Permanent Change of Station or PCS.

Photos of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA

Travis AFB Sign Travis AFB

Nearby Schools

Travis Elementary School
Travis Afb, 1.02 miles away.
478 enrolled in this public school. Grades range K-6.
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Center Elementary
Fairfield, 1.09 miles away.
512 enrolled in this public school. Grades range K-6.
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Scandia Elementary School
Travis Afb, 1.09 miles away.
543 enrolled in this public school. Grades range K-6.
(707) 437-4691  Visit School Website
Golden West Middle School
Fairfield, 1.84 miles away.
828 enrolled in this public school. Grades range 7-8.
(707) 437-8240  Visit School Website
Travis Independent Study School
Fairfield, 1.86 miles away.
4 enrolled in this public school. Grades range K-12.
(707) 437-8265 
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